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How the Can Making Machinery Production Line Works


The traditional production method of metal packaging cans is: cut the iron plate blank into long squares, then roll the blank into a cylinder (that is, the cylinder), and then solder the formed longitudinal joint line to form a side seal. The end (i.e. the bottom) and round end cap are mechanically flanged and rolled to seal (the double seam) to form the body; the other end is filled with product and then the lid is closed. Since the container is composed of three parts: the bottom of the tank, the body of the tank, and the lid of the tank, it is called a three-piece tank. This can-making method has basically not changed much for more than 150 years, but the degree of automation and processing accuracy has been greatly improved. In recent years, the weld of the side seal has been changed to fusion welding.

In recent years, a new mechanical principle of can-making has emerged. According to this principle, the can body and the bottom of the can are a whole, stamped from a circular slab, and sealed after the product is loaded, which is the two-piece can. There are two forming methods for this tank: stamping-thinning and stretching method (that is, drawing method) and stamping-re-stamping method (that is, deep drawing method). The techniques themselves are not new. The punching and drawing method has been used to manufacture bullet casings as early as World War I. The difference between can-making is the use of ultra-thin metal and high production speed.
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