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The working principle and types of Tinplate Can Making Machinery Production Line


The production process of the Tinplate can-making machine production line includes: slitting, welding, painting, drying, can-making (square/expanding/crimping, etc.), flanging, sealing (top/bottom), leak testing, etc.

Slitting Machine

Slitting is also called cutting, and its purpose is to cut the entire plate (including several tanks) into individual single tanks according to the specified size requirements to meet production needs. The need for the next resistance welding process.

Types of shearing equipment: semi-automatic shearing machine, one-way feed shearing machine, vertical and horizontal shearing machine.

Welding machine

The cut can body automatic blanks are formed in the bore of the resistance welding machine, and the vacuum feeding line sends them to the feeding roller one by one. Cylinder, the cylinder is sent into the resistance welding machine, and resistance welding is carried out after accurate positioning.

coating machine

The coating equipment has two options: spray and roller. It is mainly used for internal and external coating of chemical tanks and food tanks to prevent rusting of welds exposed to air. Seamer

The canning process is completed on the canning machine. The tank body and tank bottom are mainly sealed with double seams.

The can seaming machine is an automatic can seaming machine with 4/6/8 can sealing rollers. It consists of a seaming machine, a set of automatic cap-feeding devices, and a conveyor. Controlled by servo motor, touch screen man-machine interface. Ball screw drives clamping operation, high positioning accuracy. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation and adjustment are convenient.

Leak detector

The main function of this machine is to test the sealing performance of cans. The leak detector mainly uses clean compressed gas to directly or indirectly inflate (pump) the tank body, and analyze the gas changes inside or outside the product, so as to judge whether the airtightness (sealing performance) of the product has achieved the expected effect or not.

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