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Application and composition of Metal Lid Canning Machinery Production Line


The metal cap can-making machine production line is widely used for metal caps, ends and various valve production, including oval and another irregular, can parts. Along with application practice and technological advance, now the CNC Automatic Punching Line, provide full AutoMatic working experience and high-speed production.
Machine Line Introduction:
Machine line could use of the metal package materials in a sheet shape, including Tinplate(ETP), TFS(ECCS, Tin free steel), Cold rolled materials, Aluminum material, and others, besides it, above material with printing, varnishing or laminating is also accepted.
The whole machine line is composed of the following working equipment, through integrated control into Collaboration Run:
CNC Controlling System:
The matching speed of the whole machine, from material feeding, to the automatic feeder, punch press, and forming punch, is controlled by this system, including multistage punch during forming punch. And match speed is very important for the high-speed production line. Through this system, workers could adjust speed by screen touch, with full English vision.
Automatic Feeding Machine:
Material sheets will be moved to the correct area by the automatic feeding machine, before the punch press, all the operation is done by mechanical hand. And each transfer is controlled according to to punch process speed, by the CNC controlling system.
Automatic Feeder:
Through mechanical hand, the scroll sheet will be moving after each punch process, by precise parameter control. Based on the different materials or designs, the workers could adjust them.
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