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Future development trend of can making machinery


Innovation is the selling point of packaging, and packaging is the selling point of products. High quality can not only grab the attention of consumers but also gives a brand a competitive advantage. Cans of different sizes, shapes, and designs can meet the individual needs of consumers. In the metal packaging industry, the future development trend of cans is particularly concerned, which is reflected in the following aspects:

Shaped tanks are more popular. At present, in the Chinese market, aerosol cans, beverage cans, and food cans are ly straight-walled cans. Relevant surveys have found that in the Asian market, many consumers will choose personalized special-shaped can packaging instead of monotonous straight-walled cans. Affected by consumer preferences, special-shaped cans for personalized packaging will surely become a trend in the future.

Easy to carry and open. Stretch cans are very common in Asia. These kinds of cans are ly used as packaging for canned fish and meat. This type of packaging printing mainly uses UV ink. Most of these cans today use easy-open lids, and there are basically no can openers attached to the cans. Therefore, simple and convenient packaging is more respected.

Three-piece cans to two-piece cans. At present, coffee and juice can mainly use three-piece cans. With the development of the packaging industry, compared with three-piece cans, the production cost of two-piece cans is lower in terms of packaging materials. Reducing production costs plays a vital role in the development of enterprises, and it will also become a trend to switch from three-piece cans to two-piece cans in the future.

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