Auto-Lining Machine

Auto-Lining Machine

Vertical Compound Lining Machine for lining and drying

Model: GT10B1 

Operation:    Automatic

Application: Compound Lining

Can size:      Φ45-153mm

Speed:           up to 600epm


Technical Parameters

Model GT10B1-2 GT10B1-2 GT10B1-2A

Output Capacity


240cpm 200-350cpm

No. of Nozzle




Can Size


Φ45-73mm Φ99-153mm
Oven Temperature 


110℃ 110℃


3.5-7min 3.5-7min 3.5-7min
Machine Power  12kw 12kw 12kw

Machine Weight

2000kg 2000kg 1500kg

Machine Dimension (L*W*H)





We are excited to present our advanced Vertical Compound Lining Machine, designed to enhance efficiency and precision in lining and drying operations. As a trusted manufacturer in China, we are committed to delivering high-quality products to wholesalers, dealers, and distributors worldwide.

Product Name: Vertical Compound Lining Machine for lining and drying

Product Description:
Our Vertical Compound Lining Machine is a cutting-edge solution for the seamless lining and drying of various cylindrical containers. With its automatic operation and advanced features, it offers enhanced productivity and exceptional performance in compound lining applications.

Our Vertical Compound Lining Machine is available in the GT10B1 model, which is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of compound lining processes.

Automatic Operation:
The machine operates automatically, minimizing the need for manual intervention and ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Application: Compound Lining
The Vertical Compound Lining Machine is designed to handle compound lining applications, allowing for the precise and efficient application of liners onto cylindrical containers.

Can Size:
The machine accommodates a wide range of can sizes, with diameters ranging from Φ45mm to Φ153mm, providing versatility and flexibility in lining various container types.

Our machine is capable of operating at speeds of up to 600epm (ends per minute), enabling high-volume production and optimizing overall efficiency.

Drying Capability:
In addition to lining, our Vertical Compound Lining Machine also includes a drying function, ensuring that the lined containers are efficiently dried, and ready for subsequent processes or packaging.

Precision and Reliability:
The machine is designed to deliver precise and accurate lining results consistently. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure long-term reliability and durability.

Customizable Options:
We understand that different customers may have specific requirements. Therefore, our Vertical Compound Lining Machine can be customized to meet individual needs, such as additional features or specific can size capabilities.

By incorporating our Vertical Compound Lining Machine into your production line, you can streamline your lining and drying processes, increase productivity, and achieve exceptional results with precision and efficiency.

If you are interested in integrating our Vertical Compound Lining Machine into your operations or becoming a distributor, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that optimize production processes and contribute to the success of your business.